One of the first questions I get from learner cyclists is how do I improve my cycling?
My answer: get some cycle training. The next question is what cycle training program is best?

Cycle Training comes in many forms.

Let me say right off the bat, the best form of cycle training is to get a Personal Coach.
A personal coach will give you a thorough initial fitness test, talk to you about your goals and aspirations, then set a program specific to you, usually for 12 weeks. He will encourage and motivate you, and be there if you hit a rough patch. At the end of the program he will test you again, and you will see considerable gains.

The downside is they can to be very expensive, and you will want to be fully committed if you’re to get the full value from this.

Another option is to go for a web-based downloadable program, where you choose from various plans to suit your riding ability, and area you want to improve.  These are a great cost effective way to start, and I will be reviewing some of these here.

Then there are DVD’s or downloadable videos. These are usually about an hour long and normally target a particular skill such as hill climbing or sprinting, or even recovery sessions. These are used for indoor training, you just follow along to the instructions on screen. A great way to train over winter. I’ll be reviewing some of these soon.

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Do these Programs work?

In my 25 years of cycling experience they absolutely do. I’ve used a number of different ones over the years, and I’ve achieved great results from all of them.

A structured, focused plan, building on consistent gains will produce big improvements in your riding. You do however, have to be disciplined and self motivated. Follow the plan and reap the rewards.

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